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I’m nice and I like all of the selfies you guys post. I post one every two million years and I get no love. Am I really that ugly though? Hm I guess I’m fatter than I thought lol

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Daddy’s shouldn’t fight their daughters fights. Let her step up and say something, unless she’s scared to say shit to me?

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When he didn’t drink the pineapple juice..

The love of my life is getting so huge. 💕




there are still school shooter fangirls on this website


do you really have to be this fucking ignorant?



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kanye is such a fuckin dick, i don’t care if he didn’t know that someone was in a wheelchair. it was a douche move of him to drag all the attention to someone, if someone didn’t want to stand then ok let them be. i have a sister in a wheelchair and if someone famous or not dragged all the attention to her, i’d punch them right in the face. i hate him so much.

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